The Company of Scorton Archers



1.   That the archery club be known as “The Company of Scorton Archers”, herein after referred to as the Club.

2.   The object of the Club shall be the practice and promotion of the sport of archery in all its forms, except bow hunting.

3.   The funds and property of the Club shall be invested in the Club Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer for the time being.

4.   All monies and sums received on behalf of the Club shall remain the property of the Club.  There will be no distribution of such funds amongst the members, including any respective payments for subscriptions or for any other individual benefit on their behalf.

5.   The shooting regulations of the Grand National Archery Society known as the rules of shooting, shall be accepted as governing the relevant branches of the sport of archery practised by the Club and its members.

6.   Nothing shall be included in this Constitution, Rules and Regulations that conflicts with that of the Grand National Archery Society.

7.   The postal address of the Club shall be that of the Club secretary for the time being or if no secretary, the Club chairman.

8.  The Constitution, Rules and Regulations shall not be altered except at the Annual General Meeting or at an Extraordinary Meeting of the Club.  Members wishing to move a proposition designed to alter or amend the Constitution, Rules and Regulations of the Club shall submit such proposition to the Club secretary 28 days before the Annual General Meeting or 21 days before an Extraordinary General Meeting.  Notification of such propositions shall be issued by the Club secretary to all members entitled to receive such notices.

9.  Major officers of the Club shall comprise; President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer.  Other officers may be appointed from time to time by agreement of the Club members at the Annual General Meeting.  All officers shall serve in an honorary and unpaid capacity.  All officers are appointed for a period of one year or as may be decided otherwise at the Annual General Meeting for longer periods.


10.  The management of the affairs of the Club shall be entrusted to the Club committee.  The Club committee is made up of Club officers.  A Club officer shall hold a post for two years, or less if unforeseen circumstances arise.  At the end of two years the post will be open to another Club member.  If at the Annual General Meeting no other Club member is available the Club officer may, if they wish to volunteer, hold the post for a further one year.

11.  The Club committee shall consist of; President, Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and other Club officers.  All Club officers shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting before the end of March.  All out-going Club officers will hand over the post to the new in-coming Club officer by the 1st April.

12.  At any meeting of the Club committee the Club chairman, if it is necessary, shall be entitled to an additional deciding vote.

13.  The Club committee may appoint sub-committees and Club members to such sub-committees within defined limits and powers.


14.  There shall be the following classes of membership; senior members, junior members, associate members (non-voting), honorary members.

15.  Any person with an interest in the sport of archery having attained the age of 18 years shall be eligible for admittance to the Club as a senior member.

16.  Persons under the age of 18 years and having attained the age of 8 years on condition that the child’s parent/guardian are also members and present with their child at all times, on and off the shooting line, shall be eligible for admittance as a junior member, subject to an agreement completed between the parent/legal guardian and the Club. They must have a parent or guardian present who must also be a paid up member of Scorton Archers, with them at all times whilst at the club indoor and outdoor venues.

17.  Any person whom the Club may wish to honour for distinguished service to the Club, may be elected at the Annual General Meeting as an Honorary Member for life or a specified period of time.

18.  All members or potential members shall accept the jurisdiction of the Club and shall conform to such conditions, shooting rules and regulations governing the Club as may apply from time to time.

19.  If in the opinion of the Club committee any member shall have been guilty of conduct which makes it undesirable that such member should remain a member of the Club, then an Extraordinary General Meeting, including such member, shall be called to discuss the matter.  The Club after the hearing at the Extraordinary General Meeting may then expel such member without being called upon to state a reason to anyone but the member concerned.  The Club decision after the hearing at the Extraordinary General Meeting shall be final.

20.  All members as defined in clause 14, other than Honorary Members, shall pay an annual subscription to the Club at rates to be determined from time to time at the Annual General Meeting.  Such subscriptions are due on the 1st October.

21.  In addition to the subscription defined in clause 20 all shooting members of the Club including Honorary Members, shall pay annual affiliation fees to; the Grand National Archery Society (GNAS), the Northern Counties Archery Society (NCAS), the Yorkshire Archery Association (YAA).  Such affiliation fees are determined annually by the relevant body and are due on the 1st October.  They are collected by the Club from members and subsequently passed on directly by the Club to NCAS, YAA and GNAS.  Affiliation fees not paid by the 1st October render the member ineligible to shoot at the Club.

22.  If a member is also a member of another archery club and has paid the current annual affiliation fees described in clause 21 through that other archery club, then that other archery club shall be deemed to be the “first claim” club of the member.  Only be written agreement with the “first claim” club may the member represent the Club in any Club of inter-Club event.  A member may only represent the “first claim” club at County, Regional or National archery events.  Before such member may shoot as a member of the Club, written proof that the annual affiliation fees, described in clause 21, have been paid must be submitted to the Club secretary.

23.  Any member whose Club subscription (clause 20) and GNAS affiliation (clause 21) are more than 2 months in arrears shall have their name removed from the list of members and will not be entitled to shoot, as stated in clause 21, at any of the Clubs meetings until such arrears are paid in full.

24.  A new member upon joining the Club shall make a payment to the Club for a subscription fee (clause 20) and affiliation fees (clause 21).  As a “once off” concession to new members joining the Club on or after 1st May, payment shall cover membership until 30th of September of the following year.


25.  The Club shall cause to have prepared and shall present at the Annual General Meeting a balance sheet showing the financial position of the Club for the preceding year on the 31st January.  The Club shall present also an income and expenditure account for the twelve months before 31st January.

26.  A copy of the balance sheet and income and expenditure account, duly certified by an independent examiner, who shall be appointed annually by members at the Annual General Meeting, shall be sent with the notice convening the Annual General Meeting to each member.

27.  A bank account shall be maintained in the name of the Club.  All cheques and orders withdrawing monies from the account shall be signed by any two of the elected officers of the Club.  All monies received by or on behalf of the Club shall be paid into said account.

28.  In the event of dissolution of the Club the assets of the Club shall be disposed of as directed by the Annual General Meeting approving the dissolution.


29.  The Annual General Meeting shall be held before the end of March at a place to be determined by the Club committee.   Not less than 21 clear days notice of such a meeting shall be sent to each Club member.

30.  Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by the Club committee or at the request of one third or more Club members.  Not less than 21 clear days notice of such meetings shall be sent to each Club member.  Notice of any propositions that is intended to be moved, shall be sent with the notice of meeting.

31.  At all general meetings; 5 members shall form a quorum, each senior member of the Club shall be entitled to one vote, the Chairman shall be entitled to cast an additional vote, if required by an initial indecisive vote count result.

32.  In the event of emergencies the Club chairman, secretary and treasurer shall together have full powers to act.


34.  If the Club or any of its members receives a claim by a third party, the claim should be defined in writing by the third party and such third party claim should be sent immediately by the Club secretary to the GNAS Secretary.  Neither the Club nor any of its members must enter into correspondence with the claimant except that the Club secretary is to acknowledge in writing the receipt of the claim.


35.  Anybody presenting a competition prize trophy to the Club shall have the right to regulate the terms on which it shall be awarded subject to the approval to the Club committee.


36.  The Club archery year and shooting season shall be from the 1st October to 30th September.